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Say what you will about the direction Vuze took—I hated it—but there isn’t a more powerful torrent client under the sun.

Make no mistake about it: it is an important loss, and one of the bigger developments is the recently quiet world of Bit Torrent.

The decision was taken because of the potential for Vuze to be tampered with—it was a hassle to ensure that Vuze stats were on the up and up.

Nothing is more vital to the success of private Bit Torrent sites than accurate stat tracking. It’s a valid complaint, to a point: you cannot run a Bit Torrent site with the threat of users gaming the system.

In this case, you do want to customize the installation, so you can prevent the ad-ware from being installed in the first place.

From there on, the installation will finish fairly quickly, depending on your internet connection and the speed of your computer.

I've pretty much narrowed down the cause of my system freezing to VUZE. EDIT2: So after reinstalling vuze, running its configuration wizard, reinstalling a network card driver, even unplugging the router for quite some time and downloading just through the modem, I would still have occasional lockups.

Also, there will be several toolbars installed, like Savings Slider, which is adware.Vuze offers subscriptions to preferred content, an embed media player and web-browser, support for multiple Content Networks, sharing files, popularity contexts, categories and tagging, IPv6 compact tracker support, automatic URL handling, and a plugin architecture; besides other features.This package is part of the azureus package, and provides the dependencies necessary to run the new user interface.I will say, I did the majority of my torrenting—I barely torrent these days—using Azureus/Vuze, so it’s a little sad to see it being pushed out like this.Still, if it’s for the good of the sites in question, then so be it.

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One feature you won’t find in the Mac version of u Torrent is RSS, something that’s been around seemingly forever.

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