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I am looking for: Bluegrass, Blues, Hip Hop, Instrumental, Jazz, Latin, R&B, Rap, Reggae, Rock, Rockabilly, Smooth Jazz, Soul, Swing - David S Robbins Pro Blues Harp with Vocals Available Available for pro circumstances. Transcoastal, which I recorded in Chanhassen at Prince Paisely Park studios.

Need someone social and fun to be around with skill and talent.I am looking for: Hip Hop, Jazz, Lounge, R&B, Soul - Regina Spady I am looking to form great a talented band with a unique style I am a well-versed singer and have been singing ever since I was a child.I performed in groups most of my professional teenage years.The only thing more obnoxious than a band is a team. We are now able to push songs without just relying on noise and volume. After all, on a team, you have a coach and a manager. And even though I don't know that much about soccer compared to a lot of my American friends (who even say things like "poor play"--which an American would never say), this goes for soccer teams as well.

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I am not looking to form a cover band I am looking to form great a talented band with a unique style and have a great and positive image to promote.

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