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But as a side effect, he decided not to get married. He doesn't want to hurt his family like his father did.

He would commit to practicing medicine for his entire life.

i hope in the next drama and movie, you will lead it with more talented actress... i hope in the next drama and movie, you will lead it with more talented actress... He looks like an American Korean Actor, and I searched it up, and yep, Yeon Woo Jin looks EXACTLY like John Cho (American actor). I almost liked the story of ordinary love but i was just disappointed with the ending. First i think he's such a killer, murderer, bad person on Arang, and when i knew the secret behind his character as Joo Wal.. Your range in acting is amazing with your eyes, gestures and facial expressions. I loved him so much, when first time i watch in just friend i thought he was cute and really handsome. anyway, he's character in the Arang and the Magistrate, he played it so well that i think i fell on him!! - They are intense, deep and each character is carefully shaped. He was playing a part which I am sure he was paid extremely well for.

This man of perseverance has been making handmade shoes for several decades at the same spot.

but hope to see u soon after this current my fav drama QFSD ...... been yours fan since 2012 Arang and the magistrates ...... good luck in your life kim bong hoe sshi My lovely oppa yeon woo jin? And to see him again in a really good drama and a really good character is so great. Oppa I love you so much you are handsome and your smile is full of happiness and your acting skills is awesome people say no one is perfect but you are perfect (at least for me perhaps) oppa saranghe waiting Wow, two lead roles in half a year?! I loved his Maltese-like puppy expressions and hairstyle in Introverted Boss... im really waiting for your new drama in 2017 "sensitive boss"... so Love your pregnant smile & one of a kind expressions. I've seen "Just ordinary Love Story", where you acted perfectly! First saw him at "Marriage not Dating", a bit awkward character yet have really great chemistry with the lead female Han Groo. He has a charisma that could caught every woman's eye..

I first fell in love with him in divorce lawyer in love. I love Yeon Woo-Jin too..surely can act...expression...especially his eyes..cute...... I agree..another actor to fall in love with.....producers want to pair him with Park Shin Hye? thought he redeemed Himself and worse off in when a man loves arrgh I could kill Him in that drama lol but marriage not dating is everything. I mean I can't get enough of that drama thanks to him and han groo so on point. ottoke, don't be jealous ehn...he's your dongsaeng). After my hospital duty I'm so excited to be home just to see you. let's Get married paved the way to my Yeon Woo Jin obsession. Hi YWJ, i am now also a fan of yours after watching the recently ended MND..you are cute and handsome! You are an amazing actor, I have watched you in Secret Love where you cried river, really great actor. An American fan, Babs I started to admire Yeon Woo Jin from "Arang & Magistrate", then i watched also "Just an ordinary love" and now "Marriage not dating".my! .the way he act and the expression of his eyes, so charming..awwwrrr...

Her father raised four children by himself and her oldest sister also sacrificed for the family. Suddenly, her father marries a woman rich enough to own a building. He volunteered for performing medical service abroad, but he comes back to Korea. Whereas the eldest daughter Seonha looked after the siblings like a mother, Yuha was the type who would give her younger siblings a lesson.

Eun Tae is not interested in marriage, because his father placed priority on his medical work over family and Eun Tae believes he is like his father. The fact that she got into medical school made her the pride and joy of the family.

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