What is devising validating and testing of algorithms

Producer’s view of quality, in simpler terms means the developers perception of the final product.

Consumers view of quality means users perception of final product.

Now the question here is : What are the intermediary products?

In other words we can also state that verification is a process to evaluate the mediator products of software to check whether the products satisfy the conditions imposed during the beginning of the phase.

Validation is the process of evaluating the final product to check whether the software meets the business needs.

V&V Tasks – Test Phase – Execution of systems test case – Execution of acceptance test case – Updating of traceability metrics – Risk analysis#6.

V&V Tasks – Installation and checkout phase – Audit of installation and configuration – Final test of the installation candidate build. V&V Tasks – Operation Phase – Evaluation of new constraint – Assessment of the change proposed#8.

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This is a guest post by Arthur Doskow, who is currently retired but remains interested in the application and overapplication of mathematical and data oriented techniques in business and society.

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