Who is adrian grenier dating

He loves acting and hanging out with friends, and enjoys spending time with nature.

As a musician, he like playing musical instruments and listening to music.

If he’s not listening to music he’s usually watching movies or playing video games. In the past he has dated Melissa Joan Hart (1998 to 1999), Melissa Keller (2005 to 2008), Isabel Lucas (2008), Ashley Greene (2009), Courtney Robertson (2009), and Emily Caldwell (2009 to 2013).

Sources https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adrian_Grenier

Adrian's first romantic fling was with his co-star Joan Hart in the late 1990s. Source: Lainey Gossip His most noticeable relationship was with Melissa Keller, whom he dated for more than three years. Source: Lainey Gossip Adrian then had a string of hookups with celebrities like Paris Hilton, Isabel Lucas, and Courtney Robertson.

He almost seems to have a rebellious side towards religious.

He was once spotted with a Jesus-Themed bag but it appeared to be him making a statement.

He is very passionate about the environment and wants to help clean up our oceans.

He is a part of the Lonely Whale Foundation which aims to provide a greener environment.

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