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Diane returns weeks later to inform everyone that she is moving to Australia and is selling her share of The Woolpack.Bernice has high hopes of buying Diane's share and becoming landlady again as does Chas.Bernice returns in 2004 to attend Tricia's funeral.Now living in Brighton, she tells her father that she wants Gabby to live with her but when she goes to discuss the idea with Ashley, she sees how close he and Gabby are and realises that it would be unfair to take Gabby away.Bernice falls pregnant but miscarries and in her grief, she lashes out at Ashley and he takes a temporary job away from the village as he feels unable to help her.Bernice, however, feels abandoned and begins an affair with Carlos but this is complicated when Bernice discovers she is pregnant again but doesn't know who the father is.Bernice Blackstock (also Thomas and White) is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera, Emmerdale, played by Samantha Giles.

Diane and Rodney later learn that Bernice has been having an affair.

Bernice makes Nicola tell Carlos the truth and in revenge for Nicola's lies, Carlos tells her that he and Bernice are together and he could be the father of her baby.

Nicola promptly tells the village about this, devastating Ashley, and he asks her to move out.

Initially she does not like Tricia Stokes (Sheree Murphy), but after they discover their partners – Gavin and Jason Kirk (James Carlton) – are having an affair, they become good friends.

In April 1999, it is revealed that Bernice, originally from down south, came to Leeds by closing her eyes and pointing at a map.

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However, Bernice's doubts about her marriage plus postnatal depression cause more problems between them and after Gabby's christening, Bernice tells Ashley that she does not love him any more.

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