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Vehicle emission particulates range in size from 2 microns to 10 microns in diameter, and can aggravate the lungs when inhaled.

A vehicle’s tailpipe particulate emissions are higher when the engine is cold.

Clogged cabin air filters can restrict defroster performance, making it harder to see out the windshield.

If a cabin air filter is clogged, it will create a restriction that will decrease the amount of hot air the blower can deliver to the windshield, which diminishes visibility and adds time that it takes to defrost the window. Summer and Fall Can Be Brutal on Cabin Air Filters Following months of battling heavy pollen, dust, leaves, bugs and other debris, winter is the perfect time to give a customer’s cabin air filter a fresh start.

There are three major reasons to replace a cabin air filter in the winter: 1.

Over the two years Levi was involved in the program he alternated between hands on work experience at Dale Howard Auto Center and school on a 8-12 week rotation schedule.

This unbeatable combination of school and work reinforces the technical knowledge gained while in college.

Upon graduation, Levi earned an Associate’s Degree in Automotive Technology, resulting in a solid education combined with invaluable work experience.

Levi has now completed all of his factory training which will help him better serve our current and future GM customers. Master Tech, was Levi’s mentor and a fundamental aspect to Levi’s success.

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We take pride in helping our employees reach their education goals.

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