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Having a good social game is important, but you have to back it up sometimes with some hard work on the challenge field.Angie may have had a relatively early exit on Survivor, but she certainly left an impact on viewers who didn’t forget her in a hurry – and when you look at the gorgeous woman you see here, can you blame them?In fact, the marriage proposal is one of the most memorable things to ever happen on Survivor, when Rob popped the question at the same reunion that Amber was announced the winner.Indeed, the world has enjoyed following Amber’s life after Survivor, especially when it involved the new family that she was now building with Rob.Natalie’s time on Survivor is one of those stories that are kind of bittersweet – during her time on Redemption Island, she was in a strong alliance – one that brought her all the way to the final three.Loyalty is something that can certainly help you in Survivor – but sometimes, if you’re too loyal, and don’t take any risks – people may not think you made enough power moves.An intelligent and charismatic character, she was able to rise in the ranks in the field of television show hosting, eventually landing a spot as the host of People Now on

Something that is extremely impressive about Natalie is that she’s a professional dancer, and a member of the Los Angeles Clippers Dance Squad.

But Survivor is just as much, if not more, a social game that relies on your ability to not get voted out by the rest of your tribe – and most of these cunning young women, well – they are the best of the best.

Some of them were so good that they even became the sole survivors in their respective seasons. continue Amber is definitely one of the most famous Survivor contestants to ever play the game, and there are a number of reasons for that.

This particular talent may not have helped her to succeed on Survivor, but you can bet that it’s a pretty amazing gig to have in the real world.

In addition, she was in an eight episode series called LA Clippers Dance Squad, which documented her and her dancemates’ rigorous lives behind the scenes.

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