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C-entertainment (Mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong) went on a blitzkrieg yesterday with the dating news dump and November 13th is being called Red Wednesday. She was reportedly dating fellow songstress A Mei‘s personal assistant for years, photographed cuddling on the street and in couple haircut and tees.

Instead, the secret that Hebe exposed was that she had taken photos from a specific angle to make her legs longer by 10 centimetres.

The rebels of Inhun High all met when they were 16.

" yelled Hebe then she runs away with tears falling down her cheeks.

Turning to Hebe, Jolin sang praises of JJ by commenting that he is a “great guy” and asked if she would “accept his invitation to be friends”.

The songstress then went on to suggest that the two share a hug, while JJ shyly said, “Thanks for coming to the concert tonight.”That was not the end of their interaction.

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