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I liked her too, but I never imagined she be interested in me. Just over half a year later she's been baptised, and I'm going to propose to her soon.So what the point of this is, you might find someone in the last place you expect, and don't give up hope.Most people are pretty chill as long as you're willing to be chill with them. Get your life together until you're ready to be a man, a husband, and a father.Serious introspection is needed, and prioritization. The way you dress and act reflect who you are on the inside. I tried going to stake YSA stuff, but most of the girls were much older.

That doesn't automatically mean that they won't support your faith: I go to church and participate every Sunday, and I'm eager to learn.Attraction is a complex cocktail and we as non-observers don't have the insight to identify which ingredients you might be lacking.However, some advice that's helped me is to focus on the girls that Say what you want man, but my money is on you being "altered" while writing this post.This was my first ever girlfriend, and I had pretty much given up on it all until she told me.If you're looking for someone who is a closer fit for you, you may well have to expand your search.

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Maybe 100% of them are blinded by trivial superficialities. Or, perhaps you aren't presenting to them some of the basic things they want in a potential significant other.

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