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The instruments that he plays guitar, piano, drums, bass and ukulele also shows how’s excited he is about learning new things!Alex understands that popularity can be harnessed by going out to the people and letting them know what is going on his life.Despite a large search from Alex’s fans to know more about his life, there are not many sources that contain information about his life and career.In such a very young age, he has achieved so much in life that has made his parents and fans so proud! Having performed from a young age, he has gotten a grip over the fear of showing.He is very active on Twitter, and since joining it in 2011 has got over 416 K followers; on his official account “@alexaiono”.Alex is glad to announce about his new collaboration and his work on the song ' I Got You'.

He has got a well-shaped body as he works out in the gym on a regular basis, a right height which is about 5 feet and 9 inches and although there has been a search request for his shirtless pictures; we haven’t found a single one to bring it to his fans.

He was raised in a middle-class family and seemed to have an enough good childhood.

Born as the only son, he was raised along with his three beautiful sisters; Sidney and Taylor; who were elder than him and Hallie, who is younger.

"So, God bless the Black Keys, Danger Mouse, Adele, Meg White, and anyone else I've spoken about, and thank you for understanding.

Good fortune to all of them, and I'm sorry for my statements hurting anyone." Though White's feeling that The Black Keys have capitalized on his sound had long been rumored, his feelings were confirmed when a letter he sent to Karen Elson was entered into the public court record.

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