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And Papa Smurf, dressed all in red, no less, looks kinda like Karl Marx with his bushy white beard — but he also looks a lot like Santa Claus.

Some have called Smurf Village " It's catchy and features a "la-la-la" refrain, but "The Smurf Song," originally composed by the Dutch musician Father Abraham in 1977, isn't the cartoon theme familiar to modern audiences.

Spook-A-Smurf Eve and Rainbow Day are fairly self-explanatory, and Smurfdays are pretty much inevitable, but Unhappiness Day seems incredibly un-Smurf-like.

Functioning as a sort of combination of Lent and reverse Thanksgiving, Unhappiness Day is set aside each year for Smurfs to spend 24 hours not doing the things they love the most so that they can appreciate them more the rest of the year.

", and the swinging "In the Mood." Considering the album sold at least half a million copies, parents across Europe and Asia are probably still trying to get some of this catchy Smurfery out of their heads.

In addition to Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, and other human holidays, Smurfs observe several other occasions more specific to their culture.

2-41 27 Nov 82 The Good, The Bad, And The Smurfy 82.

1-7 26 Sep 81 Bewitched, Bothered, And Besmurfed 8.

4-42 10 Nov 84 The Little Orange Horse With The Gold Shoes 188.

5-22 19 Oct 85 Marco Smurf And The Pepper Pirates 216. 5-24 19 Oct 85 Brainy Smurf, Friend To All The Animals 218.

4-13 29 Sep 84 The Incredible Shrinking Wizard 159.

4-37 27 Oct 84 The Whole Smurf And Nothing But The Smurf 183.

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5-31 02 Nov 85 Things That Go Smurf In The Night 225.

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