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This divergence in issue priorities—without counteracting narratives—leaves room for misinformation to fester around dominant topics on We Chat.Political discourse on We Chat can be described as asymmetrically polarized, with the right leading in volume, reach, and skewed issue agenda.What follows is a preliminary assessment of this Chinese-language platform and manifestations of its information problem.The conclusions drawn mirror general challenges with misinformation and polarization in the digital news ecosystem, but also highlight the specificity of the information problem for the immigrant population.In multiethnic America, overlooking non-English-speaking media in the discussion of misinformation means missing an opportunity to understand how political discourse is constructed for a significant segment of the political constituents, and to build media narratives that are sensitive and inclusive.

With the rise of conservatism among first-generation Chinese immigrants, one of the fastest growing populations in the United States, this media space—led by mobile platform We Chat—offers key clues to how political information and misinformation are constructed for and distributed among the emerging political constituency.

Low barrier to entry on We Chat has generated a profusion of content publishers native to the platform and intense competition for attention.

The abundance of revenue-driven content published, coupled with partisan forces, makes We Chat especially vulnerable to political misinformation.

Ethnic media—media produced by and for an ethnic group—plays an especially pivotal role for immigrant acculturation and integration.

The cumulative evidence from the research literature suggests that ethnic media is crucial in introducing immigrants to social norms and political knowledge in their host society, while also helping immigrants to maintain connections with, and consolidate, their ethnic identity and community..

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We Chat’s information problem highlights the challenge of immigrant political integration, where difference in values and interests and a distinct communication system compound the distribution and consumption of misinformation.

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