Winzip 11 1 not updating context menus in vista

Cheers Retired military (Navy 1980-2002) "From DOS to Windows10 what a journey it has been" / MS Certified Professional / Windows 10 Professional x 64 version 1803 / build 17134.167 / NSBU / Norton Core v.237 / Norton BETA tester As a matter of interest what CPU's are you using?

I have upgraded four systems so far of which one Intel, and one AMD have NS&B installed.

But you are right, it’s probably a problem of windows rather than Norton.

I just asked here because getting an answer form Microsoft about something that involves 3rd party products usually results in them telling you it’s not their fault.

through a Registry hack or other context menu setting?

Cheers, Dave Having the same issue since updating to the new Windows 10 spring update 1803. All of the right context menus for my other programs such as 7-Zip, and etc work fine.

After the Spring Update of Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, the Norton Internet Security context menus have disappeared.

Although a minor issue it does need to be corrected.

I wanted to scan a single file, right-clicked it as I used to do in the past, but was surprised to see Scan with Norton option was missing; is something wrong with Norton Security Deluxe installation or has Norton removed this handy feature and integrated it with Custom Scan? But others with the same Windows version are seeing the problem. I no longer have a "Norton Security" option in windows explorer context menu after right-clicking on a file or folder.

This issue has already been reported and Norton is working on it. A different Windows 7 machine has the menu My programs: Windows 10 1803(17134.1), NS Updated new version 1803 windows 10 April-May 2018.

The right-click Norton scan(ning) feature is not appearing or functioning on the desktop context menu.

It is indeed not - the Taskbar Context Menu or the Start ( menu) Context Menu that is the problem for my Notebook after installing the new version 1803 of windows 10 -april 2018.

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This Year (2018) The windows-10 version 1803 *the new Antivirus windows Defender suite is performing and appearing satisfactory, that is also functioning very well on the desktop context menu in all it’s functioning’s with a little help of installing it onto the desktop context menu with the software “Ultimate Windows Tweaker /version 4.4” in the setup of it. So every thing looks correct on my system, that is the registry settings and the DLL files, but I still don't have the right context menu for Norton AV, but all my other programs do show up on the right context menu, so logic would dictate that the issue is with the current window 10 update and the current version of Norton. Last evening when checking the registry the drive directory was not present. IEContext Menu The data value is - Is this the value you all have as well?

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