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Several reports from highly circulated American newspapers including the Boston Herald, the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune have attributed one in every four hookups within North America in 2012 to online dating.

As impressive as that number is, it's only a glance at what's to come: Experts in the field of online relations say that dating sites are expected to account for nearly half of all hookups by 2014.

Four decades after an internationally funded move to dig tube wells across the country massively backfired, huge numbers of people still remain at higher risk of contracting cancer and heart disease.

The intellectual development of untold numbers of children is also being held back by the contamination of drinking water. Bangladesh's arsenic crisis dates back to the 1970s when, in an effort to improve the quality of drinking water and counter diarrhoea, which was one of the country's biggest killers of children, there was large-scale international investment in building tube wells.

Although checks were carried out for certain contaminants in the newly sourced water, it was not tested for arsenic, which occurs naturally in the Ganges and Brahmaputra deltas.

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The World Health Organisation called it "the largest mass poisoning of a population in history...

The scale of the environmental disaster is greater than any seen before; it is beyond the accidents in Bhopal, India, in 1984, and Chernobyl, Ukraine, in 1986".

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