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I promise we will never forget you and you will live on in our hearts forever Your mummy and daddy Love you to the moon and back xxxxxxx I miss you so much baby boy I wish you were here I wish things could be different I no your in good hands up there but it’s not the same I wish I could of met you Ik you would of been so handsome Ik I wouldn’t be with Henry but I still wish you were here I think of you everyday I think of the memories we would of made but it’s to late😭 Ik your daddy didn’t want you but Ik he would of changed his mind if only he believed us when you were here we wouldn’t have a problem maybe you would still be here? These are the things that hurt, that will always hurt as I will never get the answers. x My darling little ones, although I didn’t have you for very long the day I found out I was pregnant was the best day of my life💞 I’d wanted you for so long and dreamt about what life would be like, what you would be like but my heart was broken days later when you were gone.

I miss you mummy’s boy see you soon Rory sleep tight mummy’s angle R.i.p gone but never forgotten xxxxxxxxxxx There are a thousand things we will never know, were you another cheeky boy or the little girl that Daddy was dreaming of. But there is one thing I do know, we loved you the moment we knew you existed. My heart aches for you both and I will always remember you my little lost stars ⭐️ , shine bright love always Mummy and your big sisters 💕xxx To Our precious baby Williams, We are forever grateful that we got to hold you in our arms, not a minute passes by, where we don’t think about you every single day. All Our love forever & Ever Mummy & Daddy xxxxxxx To our little son or daughter who we never got to meet.

I hope grandad looking well after you Will always love and missy you Mummy Baby G we miss you so dearly, we hope that everything is going great where you are. I'm sorry you got taken away from me so early and I wish I could of done more for you.

Me and Daddy miss you so much always and forever till the end of time xxxx sweet dreams baby xxxx" Baby Gibson 21/06/18 Twinkle twinkle little star, up in Heaven is where you are Flying high & twinkling bright, my guiding star, my shining light Twinkle twinkle little star, my perfect angel is what you are. Lots of love mummy, daddy and big sister Niamh xxxx To our baby willow the love me and your dad have for you will always be strong.

Baby B 5/22/2017 9th June 2018 Robyn we never got to see you spread your wings but now you will always soar. You were supposed to join our life on 1st August but left us broken on 25th January you will always have a special place in our heart ♥ keep shining my love till we meet again xxx Hey Delira and Oliver Mummy miss you every day, Both of you always on my mind Not a day goes by that I don’t wish you both here playing with your baby sister. We love you Love your Mummy and Daddy xxx My first baby. how we're we to know you would be taken from us just 3 days after we found out that you were coming. When I look up at the stars, I'll always think of you and the two brother or sister up there that came before you. You are a Precious Child Created out of love, a blessing from above.Knowing about you taught us so many things and even though we never got to spend a day together you will forever be in our hearts.We have only our imagination to guess what you would have been like so for now that will need to be enough. All our love, Mummy and Daddy xxx My darling baby girl You will never be forgotten.You were taken from us on 8 June 2018, when you were just the size of a blueberry.Even though you were so tiny, the amount of love we had for you was, and still is, huge.

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