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The person is probably quite submissive and lacks the ability to stand up for himself.

Add this notion to the concoction of women needing security and protection and it's clear that being a nice guy isn't the best way to attract a woman. Tip 2 - Be Unpredictable So a woman wants safety and security but how do you add excitement to the concoction and balance it out?

Will you be a man and do what you want or will you do what she wants all the time?

The majority of men will fail and become "the dreaded friend".

It's not all that hard to do but the real issue is men have no real skill in this area and tend to stutter once they see their dream girl.

You shouldn't pick them up in a grocery store or any place they might be in a hurry and wouldn't have time for a chat.

The ability to approach women is one that the majority of men cannot do unless they're extremely talented and brave and don't mind making a fool of themselves time and again.

Did you ever feel as if you knowing how to approach women would make the remainder of the dating game easy?

Instead of cracking under the pressure, consider practicing on everyday ordinary folks.

This helps so that when you see the girl of your dreams, you can easily walk up to her and know what you're going to say without stuttering.

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