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Imagine, in this book there are siblings Gillian and Eric, and Peterfreund was able to weave their sibling interaction so fantastically, with a dose of humour every now and then, making the two so endearing and lovable.

I absolutely loved how despite being so different, their bond with each other would just glow within the pages.

In fact, when I started reading, the first thing I noticed was how their interaction was so realistically-done. Like Gillian and Eric, they also felt real to me, written in a way that they feel like genuine kids (something other MG adventure books never made me feel about their characters).

I am serious in saying this is probably one of the book’s highlights, because it simply stands out. He sighed, straightened, and licked his heels together.

The judges, after a suggestion by Cowell, put them together in a band, qualifying for the Groups category. As a result of the public vote, they were put in bottom three and had to sing in the final showdown on 17 October, after Storm Lee polled the fewest votes and was eliminated.

We don’t see no Atlantis being discovered, or any lost wonder revealed, but we get an awesome conspiracy thing going on behind the scenes, all derived from a riddle from the diary of who was deemed a crazy scientist back during the Cold War. A 21 years old Filipina who loves books, games, languages, and most especially, food.

I try to remember any other author who impressed me with their writing of a kid, but try to rack my brain as I may, I could remember none who are even half as real as Peterfreund’s.

This only goes to show how great of an author Peterfreund is.

Their conversations were just so awesomely-done that I found myself smiling at almost all of them, because they reminded me how my little brother and I are with each other.

Their arguments, casual banters, and protectiveness of one another were simply so captivating. Which means that this diary wasn’t destroyed in the flood. Maybe that pipe in the wall didn’t even burst.” The sibling’s dynamics with the other characters were equally awesome, too!

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