Xbmc movie database not updating

As EMDb uses the same engine as IE EMDb can't connect to IMDb anymore and therefore we stopped supporting Windows XP.XBMC is an outstanding media player with an attractive and fast user interface.It then reports missing movies or movies added more than once.import argparse import sqlite3 as lite import os def _open_db(db): try: con = lite.connect(db) cur = con.cursor() return (cur,con) except lite.Anyway the current issue I've got is I have TV Shows merged together, for example in Breaking Bad there are random Sopranos episodes.This happened after I decided I wanted IMDB ratings, so I selected it in the TVDB options, removed my entire TV show library and added it again.', (id Path,)) ids File = [tmp[0] for tmp in cur.fetchall()] if len(ids File) 1: flaws[movie] = " duplicate(s)".format(len(ids File)-1) elif len(ids File) == 0: flaws[movie] = "missing" # clean progress line print "\r" 100*" " "\r", con.close() return flaws if __name__=="__main__": parser = argparse.

I then went to the folder within xbmc and forced a refresh, it downloaded the information for breaking bad, but not for the episodes inside it.

Normally I would remove all my sources, select that I didn't want a library clean up and then do a complete clean at the end, however this didn't work, the clean did nothing.

I had to add all my sources back in and then select yes during each source removal, I never used to have to do this.

NOTE IT IS GOING TO DELETE ALL YOUR CONFIGURATIONS LIKE BRAND NEW. I had less issues the second time around but still had issues, and I think its The TVDB's fault.

It appears the server goes down occasionally, it can't scan the TV show and leaves it, when it goes to continue scanning when I press enter, it instead looks up Season 1 as a TV show instead of the actual show.

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