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✔ Symbol List Company Logos help you quickly spot the stock you’re looking for.✔ If stock price changes more than ±2% quote shows a darker green or red or green background.10/2/15 Getting closer, but this isn't horse shoes....Can now begin to see what the app is about, but when I try to add a new symbol it crashes - every time.✔ Read articles in integrated browser or long press for external browser. ✔ Sync: Other Windows 8 devices, Android Phone or Tablet, i Phone, i Pad, Mac.✔ If your device is lost or damaged you can restore data related to your stocks from the cloud using your Stock Spy account!In detail, in the first of our tutorials, we are going to show how one can easily use Python to download financial data from free online databases, manipulate the downloaded data and then create some basic technical indicators which will then be used as the basis of our quantitative strategy.

doesn't manage your portfolio but I use it to track a few dozen stocks i'm considering buying.

with just a little tweeking this will be the best of the best.

Less than a decade ago, financial instruments called derivatives were at the height of popularity.

✔ Real time Intraday Charts: In stocks list & symbol details.

✔ Time Saving Links: Organizes stock market web links related to your stocks for quick investment research. Setup a link template once for your whole portfolio.

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