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Then it was mentioned by several other liberal mass media, including the radio station Echo Moskvy and the news website

During the first day of the campaign no e-mail confirmation was required by Ezhednevnyi Zhurnal.

In late summer the speed of signature collection dropped to about 2000 per month. On 17 March the United Civil Front started to hold pickets in Moscow in support of the campaign.

Since May 2010 several organisers of the campaign have held meetings with supporters in a number of Russian cities.

He expressed a hope that it was a misunderstanding and asked Garry Kasparov and Boris Nemtsov to settle the issue with the Solidarity membership.

Many of them are members of the opposition organisation, the National Assembly of the Russian Federation.The authors appeal to law enforcement and security agency officers not to stand against their nation and not to carry out criminal orders.The actual author of the text was not named, but according to early sources A key role was played by the text itself, on which our group of authors worked almost two weeks.My main function was to gather comments and get approvals of the text from all the signatories — from Vladimir Bukovsky to Yury Mukhin.This work required meticulous selection of words and positioning semantic accents.

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